Yoast SEO Sitemap Not Appearing? Try This…


Fix your Yoast SEO Sitemap in two clicks

Recently we came across an issue where the Yoast SEO Sitemap was not appearing. It was not giving a 404 page not found error, instead the homepage of the website was being shown.

These types of issues can be frustrating. The issue could be in the .htaccess file, or it could be a plugin conflict. In this case the fix was very simple, but it took a while to find the issue.

Fixing permalinks brings back the sitemap

In this case the site was a brand new wordpress install. We usually set the permalinks up before launching the site, but in this case the settings were left on the default setting with the query string variables that look like this: ?p=123.

After setting the permalinks to “custom” the sitemap began appearing normally again. These permalink settings can be found in the WordPress menu under Settings -> Permalinks. Hopefully this little WordPress tip will quickly help you fix your Yoast SEO Sitemap not appearing issue.