Do I own my domain name?


Just because you are paying for your domain name doesn’t mean you own it. Unfortunately, some web development companies will purchase domain names for customers, but maintain ownership.

Here at the Light Bulb Division we’ve created a free tool that helps you quickly determine if you own your domain name. It’s free and only takes a few seconds to use.

5 Rules For Domain Name Purchases

Always buy your domain names

Don’t allow anyone to buy your domain names. Buying domain names is easy and relatively inexpensive. We usually use because their customer service is amazing, but it really doesn’t matter who you buy the domain from as long as you buy it.

Use an email address you will have access to Forever

When you buy the domain name you will need to put an email address for the “registrant” (that’s you). Don’t use a work email address unless you own the company. Don’t use an email address that you might lose access too.

This is important because your email is how you will access your domain name in the future. If you don’t have access to the email address you bought the domain name with it can be a huge hassle to get control of the domain name later

Don’t buy a dot net address if your competitor owns the dot com

You may want to buy… but the only thing available is

If your competitor sells the exact same widgets as you do… don’t by the dot net address for your main website

Doing this will probably result in people mixing up the dot com and the dot net… and you’ll be sending them business

Don’t worry about a domain name that describes exactly what you do or sell

If you sell Widgets in Wabash County don’t think the best domain name for you is “”

In the past search engines used to give lots of credit to “exact domain name matches” but this has changed. The content on your site will help you much more that just relying on your domain name

Your domain name matters less than you think doesn’t sell the most books online with the domain name ( actually redirects to Barns and Noble). Owning a really “good” domain name doesn’t ensure that you will get lots on traffic and be successful.

What matters more than your domain name is the content that is on your site.

Need help with your domain names or website? We can help. Let’s talk about how we can help your business grow.

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