The Lightbulb Division Team

The Light Bulb Division is inspired by Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison. A creative visionary that inspires our team.

We believe a company is nothing more than the people who work there. At the Light Bulb Division we have an amazing team.

Most of our team have worked together for years in one way or another. Each of our team is incredibly good at what they do.

All of us are driven to help your company grow with digital marketing.

F Poff

Is a founder of the Lightbulb Division, F thinks you should love your website company. F (yes, his first name is just the letter F) thinks it’s possible to build a very successful company that takes care of its clients. He’s been doing it for years and we believe in his vision. We know you will too.

Dave Benson

Powers the Lightbulb Division’s technology. As the Chief Technology Officer, he keeps your website online with the best technology so you don’t have to worry about it. Dave is one of those crazy-amazing programmers who has stopped counting how many programming languages he knows. When software developers who know everything there is to know about computers finally come across something mysterious… they call Dave.


We don’t use templates or cookie cutter themes to build your site, we use Gretchen. She can take your message and your brand and wrap it in a beautifully functional design. She makes us better by making everything we do look better. When you see your new website and say “I love it!” it’s mostly Gretchen’s fault.

Zach Sheesh Gilltrap

Illuminates the dark corners of boring. As the Light Bulb Division’s Director of Creative he’ll come up with ideas to help your digital marketing that no one else has ever brought up before. He’s produced creative ideas for some of Colorado’s biggest brands and quite a few national brands as well. Zach’s brain works a little differently than most, and that’s a very good thing.