The 5 worst SEO mistakes

Don’t make these SEO Mistakes

common seo mistakes

Sometimes the secret to success is just making sure you don’t make too many mistakes. This is very true with Search Engine Optimization, as making one of these mistakes can cause a website to drop drastically in rank.

If you’re looking to improve your sites ranking on search engines these rules are a quick way to know what not to do so you don’t make the worst SEO mistakes.

SEO Mistake #1 – Hire a bad SEO company

How do you keep from hiring a bad SEO company? Just like any other contractor that you would hire, get multiple bids, check references and most importantly make sure you know what they are doing to help your rankings

For more details on what to ask your SEO company you can go here, but the bottom line is; if your SEO company starts using the word ‘proprietary’ that’s a problem.

With a bad SEO company you have no idea what SEO Mistakes they might be making that could affect your site. Make sure you know exactly what your SEO company is doing to help you. Legitimate SEO strategies can be explained to business owners. They are not magic, but well thought out actions that follow Google Webmaster Guidelines.

SEO Mistake #2 – Bad Backlinks

Backlinks are links to your website from other websites. There are good backlinks that help your website. Some examples of good backlinks would be a link to your website from a manufacturer or a legitimate organization. Links like this might come from a Chamber of Commerce that you belong to, or a manufacturer that links to you because you sell their product. Another example of a good backlink would be a forum post from a real customer that likes your product.

Good backlinks come naturally (or organically) as your website grows. People like your product or are associated with your business and they link to you.

Bad backlinks are ones that are artificially created. Some SEO companies will place backlinks to your site on “secret blog networks” in an effort to try and improve your rankings. At one time these “fake” backlinks might have helped rankings, but Google has figured out how to tell the real backlinks from the fakes. Now days having bad backlinks will almost certainly hurt your business’s search rankings.

SEO Mistake #3 – Bad Content

The content on your website should be original and talk about your businesses services. Your content should tell visitors what makes your business unique from your competitors.

Content that is copied from other websites or pulled from manufacturers content can actually hurt your search results.

If you can’t or don’t have time to write your own content, hire a content writer. The money you spend to create good original content for your site is well worth it when it helps search engines to rank your business.

SEO Mistake #4 – Bad website design

Websites that load fast, and work well on multiple devices, like phones and tablets will rank better in search. How much better we don’t know, but Google has told us it’s important to pay attention to these things.

For a quick link to Googles site speed test go here.

SEO Mistake #5 – Don’t read Google Webmaster Guidelines

We mentioned Google webmaster guidelines in #1, but this is really important.

Take the time to read Google Webmaster Guidelines. You don’t have to understand all of it, but it will give you a good idea of things to be aware of so you don’t make big SEO mistakes.

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