Use WordPress for business websites?

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People often ask me which content management system (CMS) I think is the best for small to medium businesses. The answer is WordPress.

Why use WordPress for business websites? WordPress powers close to 19% of the the entire Internet. It’s the largest CMS by far. But popular doesn’t always mean better, so am I just a WordPress fanboy?

While every software developer has their favorites my reasoning for using WordPress extend beyond blind loyalty. Here’s why:

1. WordPress usage is growing.

WordPress is Open Source. That means anyone can download the code and use it on their website for free. It’s not actually important that WordPress is the most popular… it’s more important that usage of WordPress is growing.

Open Source means that lots of developers contribute to WordPress and WordPress plugins to make it better. Anytime you choose an Open Source product you want to make sure that the product isn’t becoming less and less popular. This does happen with CMS, Joomla is one that is decreasing in popularity. If less people are using it, less developers want to contribute to the code base. Less contributors in the future will probably mean less features.

2. WordPress is becoming more secure

Using WordPress for Business Websites

Being popular always brings baggage. Just as Windows is a target for more viruses than Mac because it’s still more popular, a WordPress site will have more attempts at hacking than a less used CMS. Bad people are in general lazy and “fish where the fish are”. But since WordPress 3.7+ security updates are automatically installed.

We still “harden” WordPress and use a triple redundant backup system just in case. But it’s great to know WordPress is just getting better in terms of security.

3. Plugins, Plugins, Plugins

Want WP to talk to your Twitter account? There’s a plugin for that. Want WP to send email with Amazon’s Simple Email Service? There’s a plugin for that. Want easy Search Engine Optimization in WP? There’s a plugin for that.

And if there isn’t a plugin… yet… WP is designed to make plugins easy to develop.

4. Some really big companies use WordPress

Again, just because a big company uses WordPress doesn’t mean it’s better. But in my previous careers working for “the man” in situations where we had huge budgets to develop completely custom content management systems… in the end we chose to customize WordPress rather than start from scratch or use another CMS.

If you’re a business owner, or someone in charge of the web presence for one, I’d recommend WordPress. If you have questions on how to make WordPress more secure and valuable to your business feel free to contact me with any questions.

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